biking Rotterdam to Delft; walking tour of Delft, The Hague; The Mauritshuis museum

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New housing, presumably, across from our dock. Monday we biked a half day from Rotterdam to Delft. We started by crossing the Erasmus bridge ("the Swan"), a spectacular drawbridge. We had a tour of the Royal Delft factory where we had the opportunity to buy expense breakable things to carry around on bicycles. Delft painting demo
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a work in progress being hand painted with a black cobalt oxide compound which presumably gets reduced in the firing yielding blue color Celeste getting a ceramics lesson Delft blue everywhere After the Delft demo, we biked to the boat, locked up the bikes, ate lunch, had a walking tour of Delft before taking a train to The Hague for our first art museum tour. And this is a relaxed tour.
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